Falls Church VA Abortion Clinic

The AWFC abortion clinic has been serving the Falls Church community for more than 30 years, providing only the best facilities and equipment for our patients. Our abortion clinic is made up of enthusiastic, board certified medical practitioners that utilize the pro-active approach in dealing with the health and wellbeing of our patients.

The AWFC abortion clinic offers the perfect combination of professional abortion service; efficient, high-tech equipment and facilities; and understanding medical professionals who genuinely care for their patients’ state of being. Our years of faithful service brought about positive testimonials from our patients, providing us with an outstanding reputation when it comes to abortion services. We believe that our patients deserve only the best advice and, ultimately, the best services an abortion clinic has to offer. We started out bearing those principles as our clinic’s priority. We continue to provide our services to the residents of Falls Church with the same care and enthusiasm.

We provide genuine health care in the most optimistic environment.

When women want to make sure that they will use the appropriate abortion procedure, they go to the AWFC abortion clinic. That is because we have specific abortion procedures depending on the development of a patient’s pregnancy. We also make sure that we have fully briefed our patients on the different abortion procedures before we go to the next stages of the abortion process. We understand how important showing care, comfort, and understanding is to a woman, especially in there vulnerable state. Addressing this important matter, our abortion clinic always has counselors who are always willing to listen, if and when a patient need their advice on the patient’s present situation.

The AWFC abortion clinic has various abortion procedures to offer its patients. One only has to choose among Early Abortion, the Abortion Pill, and the Suction Abortion. Every abortion procedure depends on the advancement of the patient’s pregnancy. When a woman decides on abortion early in her pregnancy, the Early Abortion is the procedure for her. When a woman is on her 7th week of pregnancy, we utilize the Abortion Pill procedure. With this, we use medical abortion with Mifeprex. When a woman is up to her 12th week of pregnancy, we offer the Suction Abortion where licensed gynecologists perform suction abortions using the vacuum aspiration method. Our medical staff and experienced counselors attend to our patients in every step of the abortion procedure.

Falls Church VA An independent city in Virginia, USA, Falls Church had a total population of 12,332 in the 2010 census.

The city got its name from an 18th-century Anglican parish, also with the same name. The city’s historical sites include Cherry Hill Farmhouse and Barn, Tinner Hill Arch and Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation, and two of the District of Columbia’s original 1791 boundary stones, among others.